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West Georgia Cardiology Campus

Total Comprehensive Cardiovascular Care

Every aspect of West Georgia Cardiology is designed to support wellness of body, mind, & spirit.


To be a comprehensive cardiovascular practice, committed to serving the community by providing a superior standard of care to our patients.


We will maintain a warm and caring office atmosphere that promotes compassionate patient care.

We will use innovative and sophisticated thinking in how we organize, implement, and deliver our services.

We will provide to our patients cardiovascular care of the highest quality regardless of race, creed, religion, education level, or socioeconomic status.

West Georgia Cardiology provides the latest diagnostic tools to assess patients’ heart conditions, along with the techniques and treatments for patients diagnosed with heart disease. For us, however, providing these services is not enough. 


Because of our focus on early detection and preventive treatment, we know that the time we spend outside of the office and in our community is a vital element of our service, doing our part to ensure that the West Georgia region is informed and enabled to access this critical care.


Our physicians sponsor, as well as participate in numerous events that support research, education, and detection of heart disease, providing audiences with valuable information about the signs and symptoms of cardiovascular disease and the latest available treatment options.

From our sponsorship of an annual cardiac-related essay contest and scholarship, to our community clinics and outreaches, the West Georgia Cardiology team believes that prevention of heart disease requires direct connection with households and local stakeholders.

Echocardiogram; West Georgia Cardiology
Gathering Informations
People Attending Class

The Clinic Grounds

West Georgia Cardiology utilizes nearly four acres of natural space in the heart of Carrollton, Georgia, creating an environment of beauty and hope.


We embrace everyone from all walks of life to experience wrap-around, preventive care in an environment that provides the perfect setting for a holistic approach to wellness.

Global Art from a Global Community

Dr. Rouse is an avid collector of art and antique medical instruments from around the world. Clinic visitors enjoy the eclectic collection of artifacts, which serve as a window to the global service in which West Georgia Cardiology has been involved for over 20 years.

Painting by Alan Kuykendall

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Serving communities in the West Georgia region.

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