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Leaders in Cardiovascular
Diagnosis & Treatment

Experience state-of-the-art cardiovascular preventive care, diagnosis, and treatment provided with compassion for all people from every walk of life.

Serving communities in the West Georgia region.

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Dr. Charlie Rouse of West Georgia Cardiology

Where Your Heart Matters

Cardiovascular disease takes the lives of over 600,000 Americans every year. In many cases, early detection and prevention strategies could have saved lives. 

We all know this, but so many Americans are reluctant to face their cardiovascular health, often because of the enormous healthcare costs that threaten access to treatment for our nation's record numbers of uninsured, or simply the fear of a negative diagnosis.

We care about you, and we want you to experience the fullest life possible for yourself and those you love. Take time to come see us, and allow our team to give you the care and the knowledge to make the best decisions for your long-term health.

We believe that every person from every walk of life deserves compassionate care of the highest quality. Our team looks forward to offering you our very best.



Dr. Charlie Rouse


President and CEO, West Georgia Cardiology



Thank you, Carroll County, for voting me Best Cardiologist!

- Dr. Charlie Rouse

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Better Cardiovascular Wellness Starts Today.

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Education & Prevention

We are fully invested in educating our region, both in-clinic and out in the community, about cardiovascular disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment options.


We provide the latest diagnostic tools to assess patients’ heart conditions, along with the techniques and treatments for patients diagnosed with heart disease.

Treatment & Procedures

Our focus is on empowering the total person--mind, body, and spirit--with cost-efficient, timely cardiovascular treatment at a superior level of care and quality.

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Serving communities in the West Georgia region.

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